My Nook eReader.  I take it everywhere with me (you never know when you’ll need a book!) and it’s so convenient.  I also love to read in bed at night I can read it in the dark so hubby can catch some extra ZZZs.

My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. This is my kitchen work horse.  I received it for Christmas when I was in college and it’s been going strong ever since.  It’s so versatile!  My favorite attachment is the ice cream maker.  It gives you homemade ice cream in a jiffy with no rock salt and no more hours and hours of waiting.

My Beaba Babycook Pro.  I make all of Noah’s baby food and this little gadget has been a life saver!  It allows you to steam the food and puree it all in one device and you can do it all one handed!  I’ve only begun to scratch the surface on all it can do but so far, I’m extremely pleased with it.  I know the price tag is a little high but it was a seriously good Christmas present!

Let me know what you think!

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