Cloth Diapering

After tons of research, I decided I wanted to use cloth diapers on our son, Noah.  My husband thought I was crazy and didn’t think it would last.  Fast forward several months and we’re still going strong!  There are lots of reasons I decided to


  • They save me money!  I haven’t bought a single package of Pampers or Loves since Noah was born.
  • I NEVER run out of diapers!  No late night or last-minute trips to the store.  I just throw a load in the wash.
  • I’m not contributing (much) to the local landfill.  Fun fact: a child will, on average, use anywhere from 3,500 to 5,500 disposable diapers in their young life and they take decades to decompose.  I buy disposable inserts for use at daycare and for when we’re out and about and they are 100% compostable and biodegradable.
  • They’re cute!  I love the fun colors and patterns of cloth diapers.
  • They’re better for baby’s hiney.  Noah has only had a couple of very mild cases of diaper rash since he’s been born.  It clears up easily in a day or two with a little ointment.  Most cloth diapers draw moisture away from the skin so the skin stays dry.
  • I can (theoretically) use them for more than one baby.  That’s even more savings once the initial costs of purchasing the diapers are out-of-the-way!


  • If you hate poop, cloth diapers aren’t for you.  I’m not saying I love poop but Noah’s doesn’t bother me.  If you cloth diaper your baby, your hands WILL get dirty from time to time.
  • You do lots of laundry.  Depending on the type of diapers you go with, you may have to wash AND stuff diapers.  A LOT.
  • Some people who will watch your child are intimidated by cloth diapers or don’t understand why you made the decision to cloth diaper your child.

If you’re considering cloth diapers, there is no shortage of places to look online.

Kelly’s Closet is a good place to start for general information about the types of cloth diapers available and care instructions and such.

Cloth Diaper Trader is a little gem that I discovered where moms sell their baby’s gently used, name-brand cloth diapers for a fraction of the cost.  A great source to build up your diaper stash!

There are hundreds of sources out there and dozens or reasons for or against using cloth diapers.  In the end, it’s your choice whether or not you want to use cloth diapers on your little one. I’m by no means an expert!  Just one opinion among the masses. 🙂



Let me know what you think!

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