It was bound to happen…

It was bound to happen…

I’ve known this day was coming since the day Noah was born.  I’ve been patiently waiting and telling myself how lucky I am that it hasn’t happened yet or maybe it would happen on Matt’s watch.  No suck luck.  Tonight, for the very first time, at 7 months, 3 weeks, my sweet little Noah pooped in the tub!  Like I said, I KNEW it would happen at some point, it was just kind of surprising.  I went to pick him up but he wasn’t done yet!  Eek! I had to hold him, hovering over the water, wait until he was done because I wasn’t cleaning up a mess in the tub and on the bathroom floor.  I also had to make sure his favorite bath toy, the red solo cup, wasn’t full of contaminated water.  Ick.  After that things were pretty uneventful as I drained, rinsed and refilled the tub.  In fact, my evening has been downright boring in comparison AND, although it was the first time, I know it certainly won’t be the last!

So, fellow moms, do you have a crazy baby-in-the-bathtub story?


May your bath water always be clean!

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “It was bound to happen…

  1. And my dear…it happened when you were a wee baby as well. As parents we all go thru this at least once. I remember living on the ranch when you were little. I was giving you a bubble bath in the big tub. You had this look on your face, maybe concentration, strain, determination? We were playing and splashing with your toys and suddenly. ..oh no!! We had a floater. The dreaded floater. Bath time was officially over! I scooped you up….drained the tub…flushed the poop..dried you off and bleached your toys all while having a good chuckle. The unimaginable had finally happened.


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