To Binky or Not To Binky: That is the question

To Binky or Not To Binky: That is the question

That IS the question! And before I had Noah, I thought I had an answer: Not to binky, of course.  I didn’t want my two year old running around with a binky hanging out of his mouth, having a meltdown every time it disappeared. Then, enter Parenthood, stage left.  Parenting, like almost everything else, I’ve found, is easier in theory than it is at 3 am when all you want is more sleep!

Two months ago, we were doing great.  Noah only took his binky in the car when we were driving.  The rest of the time he went without.  Enter Teething, stage right.  Since teething began, sucking on his binky gives him comfort.  It gives him something to chew on and feels good on his gums.  One night, in a bleary-eyed state, he was upset so I shoved it in his mouth and he instantly settled down.  I told myself it was only temporary then I told myself to let it go.  Who cares?  Right now, it’s what’s best for him.  In a few months we can reevaluate the situation.   Maybe he’ll be two and still want if for comfort. I don’t know.  What I DO know is that I’ve never seen a kid go off to college and still want his binky so I’m guessing Noah will lose it somewhere along the way.  If the evil binky means more sleep for me, I selfishly choose more sleep. Obviously.

Well played, Parenting, well played!  Another lesson learned.


Until next time!

Love, Callie

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